Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Lamp World:
A Chic & Cheerful Promotion

I first came across Lamp World through Facebook and I am so glad that I found their page as their lighting collection is just amazing.  They have a large variety of lighting available for all tastes – modern pieces, traditional, crystal and so much more.

Lamp World is based in Cork, but they have a brilliant website with so many pieces available and have free shipping across Europe.

And something which is even better…..Lamp World is giving all Chic & Cheerful reader who purchase any of their lighting a special promotion. At point of purchase you can type in the voucher code ‘Chic & Cheerful’ to avail of a 5% discount!!

It would take me forever to talk about all the pieces I love, so I decided to pick one from each category to talk about.

Floor Lamps
This was probably the hardest category to pick just one lamp from but I eventually picked a favourite and it’s the ‘Trento Floor Lamp’. This is a stunning, modern tripod lamp which retails from €333.33. This is such a statement piece and would make any room fabulous.

Crystal Lighting
I just think that there is nothing as glamourous as a crystal light. They are luxurious and create beautiful lighting in a room. My favourite crystal light from Lamp World is the ‘Bari Pendant Light’. This is a beautiful modern piece, which I would personally love to have hanging over my dining room table – a real talking piece of glamour. This piece retails at €200.00.

Pendent Lights
I am obsessed with pendent lighting especially modern, industrial lights like my favourite one from the store which is the ‘Latio Pendant Lamp’ which retails from €233.70. I think pendant lights like these look amazing grouped together like in the picture below, I would love to have three pendant lights such as these over my island in my kitchen – The Dream!!

Ceiling Lights
My top choice ceiling light had to be the ‘Capri Ceiling Light’. I love the idea of having a shade over a crystal light, I think it’s really stylish and understated. I would love this is my sitting room; I think that it would create really beautiful dimmed lighting which would be so relaxing and cosy. This retails at €526.44

Wall Lights
This is really special the ‘Arctica Wall Lighting’ is a crystal wall light which just screams glamour! I think that this would give amazing light and shade into a room and would be especially nice in a bedroom. This light retails at €158.67.

Table Lamps
It’s another tripod lamp….I love them! This beautiful lamp is a modern piece which looks simply stunning with the contrast of black and gold. Retailing at €247.23.

Downlights & Spotlights
This light stood out to me as it is not something I had seen before and I thought that it was really different. It’s the ‘Antic II Spotlight’ which is an almost antique style down lighters, I think it’s a great way of adding a modern style of lighting to an antique style room. This light retails at €23.37.

LED Lights
I thought that this light was a great statement piece which was really modern yet simple. It is the ‘Oslo 5 Pendant Lamp’ a five piece LED pendant light which retails at €511.68. Just like the picture below, I think that these look amazing over a kitchen island.

But that’s just my opinion make sure you go onto www.lampworld.ie to put together your own wish list of lighting, there are so many pieces to choose from.

And don’t forget to use the Chic & Cheerful voucher promotion code – ‘chic & cheerful’

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