Saturday, 8 August 2015

Chic & Cheerful

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome to my blog Chic & Cheerful. 
I have had my Facebook page up and running for a little while now, but I have finally bitten the bullet and begun my blog. I’m really nervous to start and I hope that you all like it!!

For my first official blog post I wanted to explain to you all what my blog is all about.

The idea of this page came from my obsession with interior design and the journey of building my first home which I am now going through with my other half.

Around three years ago myself and my boyfriend were blessed with the opportunity to build our first home together. This process has been lengthy and at times very stressful. We found this hard as we didn’t know anyone else who built a house before, all our family and friends bought their home and building is so different and more complicated than that. I tried my best to research online and find all the information I needed, but even this was a tough task. I thought to myself “I wish there was forum I could turn to and ask for help”. And that I what I would like to be able to do for someone else with Chic & Cheerful.
At the moment we are still going through the process of the build, we have planning permission, we have our builder, but still no house….but we will get there!! We have learned so much at this point, done lots of research and gotten lots of tips I would like to share with others in the same boat as me.

So I would like Chic & Cheerful to be a forum to help other building or buying their first home, as well as a place to share interior design ideas, purchases and DIY projects.

I really hope you all enjoy it!!

Amy of Chic & Cheerful 

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