Wednesday, 19 August 2015

D.I.Y Corner: Simple & Easy Furniture Revamp

It is so easy to breathe new life into your home by simply painting your furniture. 
This is really on trend on the moment and for good reason, it is so simple and easy to do – if I can do it anyone can!! So many shops are now stocking various brands of chalk paint or egg shell finish which can be used for a revamp project. For the price of a small tin of paint you can have a brand new piece of furniture and it leaves your room feeling fresh and new.

IKEA Bedroom Furniture Lightened & Brightened
I had the full range of ‘Edland’ IKEA furniture in my bedroom and although I loved the original colour after a few years I felt that it was a bit dark in my small bedroom and I really wanted a change. I decided to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in ‘Paris Grey’ and finished off with a light coat of Annie Sloan light wax. I love working with Annie Sloan Paint, it’s beautifully fluid and for a messy painter like me it is perfect as it easily wipes away if you paint anything you weren’t meant to (like the floors, tiles or even your hair if you are like me!). This paint really transformed my furniture and in turn brightened and lightened my bedroom.

Giving Life To An Old Rocking Chair
I purchased this rocking chair on with the purpose of making a D.I.Y project of it. I decided to step outside my comfort zone colour scheme wise and go with this beautiful lilac shade of Annie Sloan paint in ‘Emile’ and I then finished it off with Annie Sloan light wax. I absolutely loved this piece when it was complete, I felt that it was a beautiful statement piece and really revamped and modernized an unloved piece of furniture.

Revamping An Old Family Dresser
This dresser was originally pine and was painted over in cheap cream paint by my mam a few years ago. This did the job for a little while in revamping the original pine which had become outdated. We decided to go with Farrow & Ball eggshell finish paint in ‘Pigeon’ for a new look. This was my first time to work with Farrow & Ball paint and I found it very different to the usual chalk paint i use as I am quite a messy painter and this is quite sticky in texture and hard to remove from other surfaces if you splash or spill any by accident - which I do a lot. I love the selection of colours Farrow & Ball have available, there is so much variety. I am a huge fan of Farrow & Ball and it is my dream to paint my entire house in their paint!!!

Dining Chair Made New

I painted this chair featured in the picture below for a friend along with her dining table and other chairs last Summer. She felt that her kitchen needed a bit of a face lift and wanted to go with Annie Sloan chalk paint in ‘Versailles’. I loved how it turn out, it had a lovely shabby chic feel to it as we decided to go without a wax finish and left it with the famous Annie Sloan soft chalky finish. 

So that's my little attempt at D.I.Y, it is so easily done and if I can do it anyone can!! 
Don't be afraid, get your paint brush out and just go for it!! 

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