Thursday, 13 August 2015

Elaine Kellegher Photography & Design

Elaine Kellegher Photography & Design

I came across Elaine Kellegher Photography & Design's website through Facebook recently and I have to say I am just blown away by her gorgeous photography & selection of prints available on the site.

Elaine has a large variety of prints available on her page and different categories including General Wall Art, Dublin Series, Irish Series, New Home Series and Father Ted Series.  I think that these prints would make fantastic gifts for family and friend or even a treat for yourself.

As there are so many fabulous designs available on the site and I thought that I would share my favourite piece of each category with you all.

These prints can be found on Elaine's website:
and also on under the same name.

All details of pricing and P&P can be found on the links beside each print which will bring you to Elaine’s website.

General Wall Art Prints: 

“Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken”

This is probably my favourite piece from Elaine’s entire collection as it is one of my favourite quotes by the great Oscar Wilde. A great self motivation! 

Dublin Series Prints:

'Poolbeg Chimneys'

The famous Poolbeg Chimneys beautifully captured in block colour has to be my favourite piece from Elaine’s Dublin series. I think that the colours used are beautiful and it is so simple yet gorgeous!

Irish Location Prints: 

'Cork City' 

For the Cork Rebels a feisty print which would give pride in any room. There are a variety of towns and counties available in the Irish Location series, this is just one example.

New Home Print: 

“Welcome Home Deer”

This print can be customized for each new home owner with their town or county. I love the wacky concept and I think it adds great fun to a room.

Father Ted Prints: 

“That Money Was Just”

A great piece of fun and Irish comedy to welcome into your home from Elaine’s Father Ted series. There a several pieces available from this new collection which can be found on Elaine’s website or on

Elaine also has a range of prints available including custom prints, cards for all occasions and so much more. I would highly recommend that you check out her page as there are some really beautiful prints there.

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