Sunday, 31 January 2016

January 2016 Favourites

I am sure that I am not alone in this - I absolutely hate January! I have no money left after Christmas, I have chocolate withdrawals after selection box breakfast over the Christmas and I have had my eyes glued to the calendar waiting for days to go by an February to arrive.  
Despite all that there have been a few things that I have loved this month and I thought I would share my first monthly favourite - January 2016! 

Voluspa Candle - Chestnut & Vetiver 

My boyfriend very kindle bought my a six scent selection of these candles for Christmas which I am trying my very best to save up for when we FINALLY move into our house this year (fingers crossed), but I picked myself up the large version of the Chestnut & Vetiver half price in House of Fraser Dundrum and I am obsessed with it! Not only in the gold glass jar gorgeous, the scent it out of this world, it smells like melted toffee. I am trying so hard not to burn out the entire thing as I'll be heartbroken when it's gone. If you can get your hands on this candle I highly suggest you pick it up! 

Healthy Lifestyle App - Lifesum

I am really trying to continue the healthy routine I started in 2015 and my sister recommend the Lifesum app and I am addicted to it. This app helps you customise a diet plan with your personal goal in mind. What I like about this food diary is that it doesn't just focus on calories, but it focus on the nutritional balance of each meal. Each item of food item and meal is graded on a health scale (A,B,C,D or nil) and you will them receive an overall health grade - so if you under eat you are penalized for not using your daily allowance of calories. I really think that this is a great app for promoting healthy eating and I am now on a mission to reach healthy A's each day. 

The Lo-cal Kitchen, The Phoenix Park Racecourse, Dublin 15.

On my healthy lifestyle kick I have also loved my trips to the Lo-cal Kitchen in The Phoenix Park Racecourse which have the most amazing low calorie, nutritious and delicious menu - especially breakfast. My favourite is the super salmon which is smoked salmon on brown bread with low fat cream cheese, avocado and poached eggs. Delicious!! 


I've always liked Snapchat and watching my friends funny clips but I recently started watching some bloggers on Snapchat and it is so addictive I could watch them all night! Also as I mention in my last post I am also trying to start snapping a little bit here and there but I am still very new and very nervous with it, but like everything I will get used to it and I'm sure I'll be addicted to snapping in now time! 
My favourite top 5 Snapchatters to watch:
* cartermarissa - Marissa's voice is so relaxing!! 
*daintydressdiaries - Catherine's house is amazing, it's like a doll's house.
* justjordanblog - I'm very late to the party here I just started watching her & I love her snaps.
*jamespatrice - his poor mother LOL!
*self_improver  - I love Maria's blog and healthy lifestyle tips :) 

I love so many more snapchatters but they are always my first five to load and watch! 

Making A Murderer 

Well I am not alone here, I think anyone with Netflix had an addiction to 'Making A Murderer' this January. It is such a gripping story that had me up all night watching "just one more episode". If there is by any chance anyone who hasn't watch it yet, make it your mission to do so as it is a must watch. 

Only a few little bits, but as I was broke for the month there was no shopping LOL! 
Hopefully my February Favourites will be a little fuller :)

Amy xx 

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