Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tk Maxx Obsession - Homeware Haul

To say that I am obsessed with Tk Maxx would be an understatement – I have a problem!
I actually have to limit my visits to once a month (pay day of course) and I need a chaperone with me as left alone in the store I am dangerous.
Recently I have had a few too many visits and my bank account is a little worse for wear but my bottom drawer (I’ll explain in another post) is looking good!

Check out what I have found in my favourite shop of hidden designer treasures! 

Kate Spade Books:
I was so excited to find these books in a Tk Maxx store last week - my Christmas present to myself. I have wanted to start a collection of coffee table books and I thought that these books were perfect - I love the cover, the content and the colours. 

All In Good Taste was €16 which is all about how to be the perfect hostess at a dinner party and Places To Go, People to See was €24 and is full of beautiful travel pictures and tips. 

Jamie Oliver Cutlery: 
I love Jamie Oliver's kitchen range and I have had my eye on his cutlery sets for a while. I decided to go with the 24 piece Modern Classic design which €39.99 (I bought two boxes). 

Rope Detailed Mirror:
I couldn't leave the store without this mirror! I have seen several designer versions of this mirror and for €26.99 it had to be mine! 

Cookbook Stand and Leon Cook Book:
I have started a collection of Leon Cook Books from Tk Maxx as the were such good value, I love the recipes inside and I also adore the colourful covers. I have several of these books are they are around €17 each. The grey cookbook stand was around €10. 

Copper Birdcage Lampshade:
Another item I could leave the store without - my birdcage lampshade! I love it, my other half hates it - but it will be in our house ha! Again, I have seen very similar lampshades with very different price tags, as this lampshade was missing a bird I walked away with it for €20.

Alice In Wonderland Book: 
Another coffee table book for my collection. I think its pretty pink cover will look lovely on a coffee table or on a bookshelf. This book was €9.99.

Hammered Silver Lamp:
I have been in a search for a big silver lamp for so long! My mam's friend has one which I have admired for so long and I was on a mission to find one of my own. I found a few but they were a little out of my price range, but this silver shining beauty was only €36.99 and I love it! 

Rusty Heart Mirror:
I had originally seen this mirror for €50 in Tk Maxx when I didn't have my wallet with me and when I came back it was gone - insert sad face. A few weeks later I found one hidden and marked at €34.99, it was faith. This mirror will take pride and place in my bedroom - when it's finally built that is! 

So that's a FEW of my Tk Maxx favourite buys, believe me there's more and there will be more so keep an eye out for more hauls! 

Amy x

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