Friday, 1 January 2016

Hello 2016

2016, you are very most welcome into my life!

2015 was an emotional roller coaster of a year – not the worst I’ve had but it certainly had its tough moments.

Down moments being we were refused our mortgage, we had to change our architect three times and paid hundreds in fees which seem to show us nothing and we had a few health scares in the family just to name a few stressful moments.

On the upside I was made permanent in my dream job after 6 years of hard work and study, my best friend had a beautiful baby girl and we found an engineer who completely transformed our house plans for the better and managed to save us nearly €50k!!! Myself and himself visited some beautiful places this year, London, Sorrento and Capri and I’m excited to travel more in 2016.
I have never been so excited for an arrival of a New Year and a new chapter of my life as I have hopes that myself and my other half will finally get a chance to begin our dreams which we have been working so hard for the last 3 years – building our first home together!

Our journey of building our first home together has been nothing short of heart breaking! We have saved for a long time, put a lot of hard work into all the plans and finding the right people to work with on the build, we put thousands into getting planning permission and we nearly lost the entire build, but we never lost hope that we would build our dream home and future together!
I had hoped that by now we would be living in our home, but unfortunately the banks had other ideas! So I am now a woman on a mission – no matter what now I am determined that we will be living in our perfect house for Christmas 2016. Watch the space!!
And with that Chic & Cheerful will finally take shape and will no longer be a social media outlet for me to just share ideas I love. The page and my blog will fulfill its purpose and will document our journey – bringing you all along the way!

I hope you all enjoy my emotional roller coaster of 2016!

Happy New Year, Good Health, Wishes and Dreams to you all!

Amy xx 

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