Tuesday, 1 September 2015

DANU Designer Ceramics

Former NCAD student Ruth Power is the design maker behind the fabulous company DANU Designer Ceramics which specialises in handcrafted, designer ceramic homewares based in her studio in Dublin.

Ruth says that her brand DANU Designer Ceramics is organic yet refined and displays urban and rustic settings which have been inspired by her travels, nature and wanderlust.  

The name DANU steams from the ancient Celtic Goddess of earth and creativity, and the Hindu Goddess of water. These are what Ruth says are the three elements that are required for the creation of ceramics. The Irish and Asian elements also an influence on the pieces that Ruth creates in regards to pattern, colour, shape, design and function. Ruth says every piece she creates has its own story. And I just think that every piece is just simply beautiful.

Here are a few pieces that stood out to me and just think are simply stunning. I love the colours used, and the simple print and shape of the pieces. A truly beautiful piece of homemade Irish artwork. 

These ceramics are stunning, handcrafted pieces of art that you can welcome into your home. Artwork you will cherish forever.  

These pieces can be purchased on Etsy.com. But also make sure to look out for Ruth’s Facebook page for up and coming pieces.

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