Thursday, 6 October 2016

TK Maxx - Style For Less

As I have stated many many times on all my social media I am absolutely obsessed with TK Maxx. I take shopping there very seriously, I have a method and technique to my shopping trips there. See....obsessed!
All for good reason, TK Maxx is the perfect place to find designer items for less and I have found some fabulous pieces in the last few weeks. Here's three of my favourite.

My best find ever in TK Maxx was my dinning room chairs. These chairs are out of this world, plush grey velvet with button detail. They are so luxurious and look so much more expensive than what I paid for them.They were a steal for €99.99 each and some how I managed to snap up six of them! Finding six of the one item is a rarity in TK Maxx so I had to snap them up right away and stuff as many as I could into my Fiat Punto. I think that they will look amazing in our dining room when it is finally ready.

I could not leave the store without this table, I have had my eye on tables like this for so long and seen so many expensive designer versions of it - I was so happy when I seen it was only €44.99. It is a lovely brushed chrome with a mirrored table top.  

My final find was my tripod lamp. It is something which I have always had on my wishlist but I was on the hunt for the right one at the right price and of course I found it in my favourite spot. This lamp is originally priced £120 from BHS but TK Maxx resold it for €80 - another item which had to be stuffed into the Punto.  

I find the best way to get designer items for less is to visit the likes of TK Maxx regularly, have a wishlist of items you would love to have in your home and if you are lucky enough to find it in store grab it & run because if you don't someone else will - and it will probably be me haha!!

Happy Shopping,
Amy x 

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