Friday, 23 October 2015

Chic & Cheerful’s 6 Ways To Revamp Your Bedroom Without Breaking The Bank

If you are anything like me and you bored of your bedroom quickly but you don’t want to break the bank by redecorating each time you get fed up then this list may help you out.

There are simple ways of giving your bedroom a refreshing change without costing you a fortune. Here is my ‘Top 6 Ways To Revamp Your Bedroom Without Breaking The Bank’.

1.       Rearrange  Your Furniture
This is something I loved to do with my bedroom when I was small and it drove my poor mother insane! I loved rearranging everything in my room to make it feel like new and even now I think that it is a really effective way to revamp your room at no cost. It can also make your room function a little better, making it a more peaceful space to be in.

2.       Paint Your Furniture

It is so easy to breathe new life into your bedroom by simply painting your furniture. This is really on trend on the moment and for good reason, it is so simple and easy to do – if I can do it anyone can!! So many shops are now stocking various brands of chalk paint or egg shell finish which can be easily used for a revamp project. For the price of a small tin of paint you can have a brand new piece of furniture and leaves your room feeling fresh and clean.

3.       DIY Skills – Get Crafting

Again, this is so easy to do, it can look really intimidating but creating art work and crafts for your bedroom is so simple. Step by step decoupage kits can be picked up at most local craft shops, there are tons of YouTube videos available to show you want to do if you feel you need help, as well as blogs (like Chic & Cheerful) which can give you lots of tips.
You can also create fabulous wall art by getting personal photographs printed onto canvas in local photography shops or online, or by framing pictures yourself like postcards, quotes or famous photography.

4.       Spring Clean
This is the easiest and cheapest way to revamp your bedroom – as it is free! I love nothing more than getting some black sacks out and doing a big clear out and declutter of my bedroom. I feel like it is good for your soul and I always find that I sleep better after I do a really good spring clean. It is also a really good way to give back and do some good by donating unwanted clothes and trinkets to your local charity shops.

5.       Purchase Some New Soft Furnishings

Buying yourself a new duvet cover, curtains or some cushions will make your bedroom feel fresh and new without breaking the bank. Keep an eye out for sales in designer shops or take a trip to your local Penneys, IKEA or TK Maxx and pick up a bargain there. A new print or colour can really change the feel of your bedroom and gives your room a new look.

6.       Lighting – Setting A Scene

Purchasing a new lamp for your side table, a new pendent light or even a few new scented candles can create a new feeling in your bedroom that make you want to lay down and relax. Personally I love having a selection of scented candle in my bedroom as I find it so relaxing to have a gorgeous scent in my room throughout out the day and when blown out it leaves behind a calming scent that I always find helps me sleep.

That is just my Top 6 tips on a budget, but there are so many more things that you can do to revamp your bedroom without breaking the bank, just don’t be afraid to get messy and think outside the box.

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